Double tap to unlike in Instagram

This post is the beginning of a series I referenced a few weeks back—UX I Want. Instead of just hoping or requesting the makers behind an app introduce a specific UX I want, I’m going to design and mock it for them. This way, they almost have to implement it, right?

I’m going to start things off easy and target Instagram. Here lies an app that lacks more features than I can shake a Wacom pen at. That said, Instagram has a very nice shorcut for liking a photo—just double tap it. The problem is that a second double tap does the unexpected and ‘likes’ the photo again. Since you can only ‘like’ a photo once, this means nothing—it’s a waste of a gesture.

For instances when you fumble your phone or scroll too fast, an accidental double tap might occur. Maybe you even have a change of heart. Sure, tapping the toggled ‘like’ button to unlike the photo would suffice, but to maintain a sense of consistency, the double tap gesture itself should be a toggle as well.