A bit about myself


Jonnie Hallman

I’m tough—I sit in an ergonomic kneeling chair and use a Wacom pen. I prefer handshakes over hugs, look for jokes in every situation, and consistently ruin tear-jerkers. If given a million dollars, I would request it in small, non-sequential, unmarked bills.

In all seriousness, I’m a designer/dev living and working in Brooklyn, out of a co-working space called Studiomates. I worked at Adobe for several years, first as a mobile developer, then as a prototype designer. Now, I build apps for myself and others, fulfilling any role necessary to ship a good product.

You can reach me at jonnie@destroytoday.com.



Destroy Today

The phrase ‘destroy today’ is a reinterpretation of carpe diem, where destruction is seen as a form of creation. The company Destroy Today is a partnership between builders. Its focus is on solving problems through products crafted with close attention to design and user experience.


I love building tools that build other tools. After working with Oak Studios on their website publishing platform, Siteleaf, each of us took it upon ourselves to rebuild our own websites using the app. This website’s content is 100% static, served from Amazon S3, and managed using Siteleaf’s online CMS.